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After working for five years at the swiss Pritzer Price winning office Herzog et de Meuron, Gwendoline Eveillard founded her architectural office in 2021 in France and Switzerland.


Trained on different scales of projects, a plurality of programs, ranging from public competitions to the renovation of heritage buildings, she focuses her work on the valorization of existing buildings whether at the scale of the urban fabric, the building, the unit of life or material.

With experiences in different European countries, from Denmark to Switzerland, she has developed her own working method which is first built on a in-depth study of the potential uses and atmospheres contained in the material and immaterial contexts which surround a project.


The office works tend to demonstrate a unique approach around a joyful and generous philosophy of Sufficiency.

The notion of Sufficiency is the search for maximum functional effects through a minimum of means. It is based on principles of compactness, programmatic flexibility, on architectural devices set in motion..

It results in an aesthetic that is both baroque because joyful, plural and playful, and sober by favoring an economy of means and a raw expression of materials.

This approach is fuelled by Gwendoline Eveillard's parallel commitments.

Since 2023, she has been a partner in the start-up Seconde-Oeuvre, founded by Cécile Colas and specialising in deconstruction, re-use and consulting on circular economy in the building and public works sector. 

For the last three years, Gwendoline Eveillard has also been a teacher at ESA, the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris.

Current collaborators : 

Cécile Colas

Tobias Cebulla

Sandro Camichel

Past collaborators : 

Victor Clayssen, architect in Paris

Cyrus Ardalan, architect in Paris

mmnk Architecture of Territory, Paris

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